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Obama fails identity check

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast

Two days ago a piece of news broke, then everyone forgot about it. A tree fell down in a forest, and no one heard. But the modern Internet is a tape recorder in the forest. And when you play the tape back of the tree falling down in the forest, you have sound. Herewith the playback: de facto President Obama failed a key identity check. Why? His Social Security number tripped him up. And the mainstream media, even Fox News Channel, all missed that fact.

Obama cornered and dangerous

Obama acts like a tyrant. Does that make him worthy of Time's POTY award?

This past week has once again revealed some quite startling news.  Most of which has been ignored, as usual, by the main stream media and to some extent even by pundits on the right.  As new polls show Obama has slipped in the polls to even lower approval ratings than George W. Bush had after 8 years of relentless attacks from local, national and international news services, the same orgasmic reportage’ concerning Bush’s ratings, seems not to arouse them.

Living in the Twilight Zone?

What difference does it make to Obama?

Can this really be happening?  Is it possible these past five years are just a frightful dream from which we may awaken as those poor souls living in the Twilight Zone never did?

America: stand down or stand up?

Monument to the Forefathers of America


Study the Past

Inscribed on the bottom of one of the two statues in front of the National Archives building in Washington D.C.

Just this last week I have traveled through 15 states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North and South Carolina, reaching out to high school and college students in hopes of finding those who will take the baton that the forefathers of America have given unto us. All in hopes of those students forging ahead a future for themselves and their posterity.

Breaking: has Obama’s luck run out?

The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid?

It appears that the Divider N Chief, the Usurper, the forger and the liar posing as an American President is very soon to be discovered and uncovered.   Our friends at Give Us Liberty, long in the struggle to expose Obama for the Communist fraud he is, has posted information from PP Simmons that surely has Obama and his criminals in a panic.

Why Obama won’t negotiate

Obamacare brought two circuits to a crossroads of the Constitution

It’s no secret that I believe the Obama administration is the most evil (and yes, I do mean “evil”) administration in the history of the United States. Unless you live without the benefit of any news sources, you should have heard by now that the man presently occupying the White House is refusing to negotiate with Congress. Some have commented that he is behaving childishly. Some say he is an incompetent leader. Others have commented that he is playing some kind of high stakes chess game. I believe all of these observations are incorrect.

Government: a scary lesson

Thomas Jefferson promoted liberty, not license

In Skokie, Illinois, students in the fourth grade are hearing a new take on government. The Blaze reported last Friday that, in the view of the East Prairie School, government is like a family. The analogy is false, as is easy to show. Furthermore, this goes to show why governments should not run the nation’s schools. A free people cannot trust a government to run a school. Not when it teaches lessons like this.

Signs of the times

The Reichstag Fire, a key event in the rise of the Nazi Party

With all the disturbing information that is being revealed regularly, it is difficult not to become an extremist or a conspiracy theorist. Discerning the truth from hysteria is not as easy as it should be or as easy as it once was.

Birthers make Levin ‘sick’?

Alleged long form birth certificate

Two days ago [August 19] on his radio show, Mark Levin, the “Great One” as he has been tagged by his good pal and fellow Cromwellian chameleon, Sean Hannity, finally showed himself for the buffoon he is. At a book signing, somewhere in the bowels of Red State New Jersey, the Constitutional expert, author of books and oratorical purveyor of all things conservative (well almost all things), Mr. Levin found himself being questioned by a real American. And he did not like it. Not one bit. In his ire and quite unintentionally, he let out a very interesting piece of information. It’s well known to all of us who have listened to Levin during the past few years that he holds in contempt anyone who would dare to question or confront him. His dislike for Progressives and liberals appears to have taken a back seat to those scoundrels he bitterly and sarcastically calls “Birthers”. We will instruct Mr. Levin as to just what a “birther” is a bit later and we will also teach the great one a bit about our Constitution and the history of its authorship.

Call to the clergy

The Bible. Handbook of leadership

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a clergy member who sounded a warning:

Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless.
Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.