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Gruber exposes Romney

Mitt Romney. Will Hurricane Sandy give him New Jersey, though he didn't even campaign here?

Jonathan Gruber, Ph. D., knows far too much for the comfort of either Democrats or establishment Republicans. On Monday (10 November) the activist group American Commitment published the first old video of Gruber talking about “Obamacare,” the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. He said then: to describe the Obamacare funding method transparently would doom the bill to fail. He also called the American voter “stupid.” In the days since, Fox News Channel (and no other media outlet) have made much of this and other footage of Gruber saying the same.

Nothing’s gonna change

Constitution Day meme. Can Liberty Amendments serve that purpose?

The day after last week’s election, when I started hearing the reports of a “Great Republican Victory” – not only in D.C., but across the land and even in my own state – my first reaction was, “nothing’s gonna change.” That night, I spoke with my friend, former Missouri State Representative turned podcaster, Cynthia Davis, and her comment to me was (I paraphrase), “nothing’s gonna change.” The next day I read the weekly column of liberty movement leader and patriot pastor, my friend Chuck Baldwin, and his take on the election was, “nothing’s gonna change.” Yesterday, 2004 Constitution Party Presidential candidate, Michael Peroutka, published his weekly video commentary in which he subtly prompts the astute observer to realize that, “nothing’s gonna change.”

Reality check

Ballot box. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this.

The GOP tsunami that swept through the halls of Congress on November 4th purged the people’s house of some of the trash but not all of it. Excitement about stripping Harry Reid of his iron fist in the Senate and further distancing Nancy Pelosi from her dreams of gaining back control of the House is certainly justifiable. However, America needs to remain diligent. The Republicans may be better than the Democrats – but only slightly. I shudder to think that the future of this country rests in the hands of men like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell – and worse – so many think that is a “good thing.” Reality check: if you are thinking all is well in the world because Republicans have a majority in both Houses, you are greatly mistaken.

Obamacare passed with lies

The House must use impeachment to remove the greatest threat America faces.

Barack Obama sold Obamacare to the public, the Congress, and the Congressional Budget Office with a pack of lies. The law would never work in a free market. It might never work at all. Common sense said that. Any smart person could figure that out. And now we know: Ivy League professors wrote it. An Ivy League graduate sold it. And they all knew it wouldn’t work. And still they boast about it!

Mary Landrieu cut off?

Mary Landrieu pushing a "greenway" project in New Orleans

Senator Mary Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana, still has an active campaign. She faces a runoff on December 6. This usually happens in Louisiana’s “Jungle Primary” that runs on the general election day, not in summer. So why did the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee cancel their ad buys in three key markets? Have they already decided to cut her off?

Election 2014: reprimand!

Ballot box. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this.

The results of Election 2014 shocked everyone. Last night the American electorate gave de facto President Barack Obama the worst reprimand of his career. They also showed what conservatives have long suspected: most large polling groups skew their results liberal. Little good it did their brands, or their cause.

Jeanne Shaheen rats you out

Logo of the Internal Revenue Service, the federal income tax authority

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire) talks a good game about fighting for liberty. She has to. New Hampshire puts “Live Free Or Die” on license plates. (As your correspondent, who once lived in New Hampshire, remembers.) But this morning came news showing her a hypocrite. She ratted the American people out to the Internal Revenue Service in March of 2012. And the IRS assured her it would act on the information she laid with them. So much for her image as a friend of liberty.

GOP: brand X party?

Constitution Day meme. Can Liberty Amendments serve that purpose?

I just read something very insightful in an article published in the Yakima Herald. In yet another article about GOP internal strife, I read these words:

the state GOP has a policy of not endorsing one Republican over another.

Voter fraud in North Carolina

Ballot box. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this.

Senator Kay Hagen (D-North Carolina) belongs to the Obama freshman class.  At last report she seems on track to return to the Senate for another term. But two separate investigations have uncovered voter fraud in North Carolina. Enough to call such a re-election into serious question, especially if it’s close.

Democrats walk out – again

Barack H. Obama gave one of the worst State of the Union addresses of his career.

Last night, de facto President Barack H. Obama campaigned for Mary Burke, candidate for Governor in Wisconsin. And he suffered a repeat of an embarrassment last week in Maryland. People walked out of the venue as soon as he started to speak. Democrats walking out on Obama. Again. Why might that be?