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Holiday religious freedom protest

A Christmas Nativity scene - not a bland, nondescript holiday display

As the coming holiday season approaches, I have decided not to do the usual decorative display. This year I will be decorating with a purpose. Yes, there will be traditional holiday white and red lights, but there will be an addition to my display – a rather large nativity scene.

Soros campaigns to shut me down

Bradlee Dean takes on Rachel Maddow and MSNBC--now in c ourt.

Some people love to pull your hair, smack you in the face, assault you and your livelihood, and then have the audacity to cry victim. George Soros is one of them. His latest attack against me is a prize example.

Change.org attacks Bradlee Dean at fair

Bradlee Dean takes on Rachel Maddow and MSNBC--now in c ourt.

Throwing logic aside, a left-wing petition on the popular website Change.org has taken aim at popular preacher and radio personality Bradlee Dean and his participation in the Minnesota state fair recently.

Church militant – where is it?

The Bible. Handbook of the Church Militant

Editor’s note: “Church militant” has a special meaning in Christian theology, including Roman Catholic. The phrase means those Christians living on earth should act like a spiritual militia.

Have you ever passed through the furnace and been taught by the Spirit of God that your natural gifts go for naught unless you have the fire of heaven in your soul? You can’t go on heavenly missions without heavenly fire. – D. L. Moody

English fortunes in smoke and slaves

The English first tried to make their fortune in smoke

This lesson is based on the end of Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of The Light and the Glory, 2nd edition. Lesson 6A ended with the arrival of Christopher Newport in 1608 with another 100 settlers adding to the 38 survivors. The provisions Newport brought were destroyed by a fire and once again the English settlers at Jamestown had to rely on the mercy of the Indians.

Move over Moses, for Chris Christie

Chris Christie of New Jersey: did he learn anything?

Just when you think elected officials can’t get any more arrogant than they already are, along comes Chris Christie to prove you wrong.

English and Indian, Round 2

Captain John Smith, famous English settlement leader

This lesson is based on Chapters 6 and 7 of The Light and the Glory, 2nd edition. These chapters are historical accounts of the successes and failures of the second English settlement, at Jamestown. These will count as one lesson broken down into two parts.

End-timers and excuse-making

The Damascus Road. An important Middle East prophecy involves the city at its end.

Editor’s note: What is an “end-timer”? One who confidently expects Jesus to return to earth, sometime in future. But “end-timer” can also mean one who will do nothing to oppose tyranny, or better himself and his country, in the belief that evils are unopposable. Here, Bradlee Dean makes a disturbing case. Some Christians, and even some churches, he says, are throwing away their moral authority. They use “the end times” as an excuse for giving up a struggle.

Signs of the times

The Reichstag Fire, a key event in the rise of the Nazi Party

With all the disturbing information that is being revealed regularly, it is difficult not to become an extremist or a conspiracy theorist. Discerning the truth from hysteria is not as easy as it should be or as easy as it once was.

Call to the clergy

The Bible. Handbook of the Church Militant

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a clergy member who sounded a warning:

Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless.
Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.