Sarah Palin at CPAC

Sarah Palin speaks in Dover, NH
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Twitters, emails, Facebook pages and cell phones were ablaze with fear and trepidation this past weekend. The clocks read 11:45 am, as the left began slithering out of their sweat soaked beds, reached for their first early (late) morning sedatives, and realized that it wasn’t a nightmare they had just experienced. At least one that they could be awoken from. Sarah Palin spoke.

And they were asking themselves and each other:

What could have gone wrong? Didn’t we attack this woman with everything we could muster? Didn’t we use every deceptive, slime filled play in the book, make up lie after lie, invade the privacy of her children, use them in sordid and vile jokes to rid ourselves of this, this person, this Sarah Palin? Didn’t we employ Hollywood, the news media and even those two airheads, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, to dispatch this enemy of progressive civilization?

Sarah Palin: conservative's dream, liberal's nightmare

Graphic courtesy of Dwight Kehoe/TPATH

To see, if you have not already seen it, what it is that has the left stepping out of little yellow puddles beneath their feet, check out Sarah Palin’s CPAC speech, embedded below. (Editor’s note: this embed carries a link to the playlist of all the speeches at CPAC.)

But, regressing back to the vacuous one, Tina Fey. In a clear indication of the left’s fear of Sarah Palin, they have once again rolled out this failing TV and movie star, to begin anew the effort to associate Sarah Palin with things she has never said. A cable station, which will go unmentioned here, has hired Fey to do several Sarah Palin impersonations, much like the ones that NBC financed as part of the Democrat’s Presidential Campaign.

Who is Tina Fey (other than not Sarah Palin)?

TPATH thought it might be a little interesting to actually find out about this Tina Fey. As we all have been told, she and Baldwin were the brains behind “30 Rock.” Well ladies and gentlemen, this is a fabrication even beyond what the left usually tries to pull off. A writer for the show, one who wishes to remain anonymous because he wishes to remain employed, has been quoted as saying both Alec and Tina are empty vessels. The idea or theme for “30 Rock” was indeed proposed by Tina. But that, if it was actually her idea or not, was the last thing she contributed to the show. In fact, this writer has said he often had to explain even the most mundane and uncomplicated themes to her.

Also, as long as we are discussing Tina’s brilliance, it has been reported that she Tweeted this

Those who use Twitter are dumb.

Now there’s something we can all agree with.

Tina Fey lays a bomb on SNL

Continuing with Ms. Fey, who as you may not know, because most of us did not know who Fey was before Sarah Palin made her a star, her stint on Saturday Night Live was marked by the some of the lowest ratings in the history of SNL. Oh, and it might be informative, and a slight indication as to why she is back doing Sarah, the long awaited movie she stared in, opened and closed on the same weekend. The name of this dismal flop of a movie? Pertinently, it was called “Admission of Defeat.” Talk about prognostications.

Enough about Tina, since there really isn’t much there anyway. We suggest that if this latest effort at reviving her career is as successful as her movie, she could always try impersonating Alec Baldwin’s “dirty little pig” daughter. (His words, not ours.)

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

Editor’s note: here is Alec Baldwin’s outburst to his daughter, for when anyone dares accuse Mr. Kehoe of malicious fabrication: