Countrycide – not for cows and horses

Benjamin Netanyahu gave them hell at the UN today, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan did nearly fifty-nine years earlier.
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The English language has many words that use the suffix -cide. The suffix has a Latin root that means killer or killing. Common words that use this suffix are fungicide, which means killer of spores; pesticide, which means killer of pests, and of course the more draconian words that apply to humans, like suicide, homicide, genocide and infanticide. Today I would like to add a new word to the list. I’ll call it “countrycide,” which means killer of a country.

Countrycide: would you count the ways?

To be sure, there are many ways in which countrycide can be exercised. You can kill a country by killing its economy, killing its system of law, killing all things noble in its history, killing its system of education, killing its belief in God and its belief in absolute right and wrong, killing its sense of morality, killing its ability to defend its borders, killing its ability to defend itself by killing its military, killing its system of government, and killing its God-given inalienable rights – including the right to life, liberty and prosperity.

Countrycide - what would these men think?

The Second Continental Congress observes the first Independence Day by signing the Declaration of Independence. Credit: John Trumbull.

Throughout the last two decades, many of our elected representatives who have taken oaths to preserve and protect our Constitution have proven to be guilty of countrycide. It would be easy to point a finger at some of the more egregious killers of our country, but none is more obvious than the man now occupying the White House and his band of countrycidal maniacs. In the past I’ve referred to some of their actions as being treasonous. In hindsight, they don’t seem to be planning to simply overthrow our system of government; they seem to be hell-bent (and I mean that literally) on mercilessly killing our entire country. Treason would be child’s play compared to their display of near fatal countrycidal blows. And to those who claim they don’t know what they’re doing, or perhaps they are simply inept and not qualified to lead, I say wake up and smell the roses – while you still can. For I predict in a very short time, the roses will be unavailable to the serfs who will be herded into stack ‘em and pack ‘em housing as planned by Agenda 21 and the many liberty-killing rights they have Executive-Ordered their way around.

“Countrycide” – learn the word and fight it so that you won’t have to live in its wake in the near future.