New Jersey: foxes guard the hen house

Josef Stalin understood gun control better than many people today
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While there are many states with many political factions throughout these United States, New Jersey has always had a diverse population, and therefore a diverse legislature. In days past all legislators, irrespective of party affiliation, honored their oaths of office and considered themselves to be servants of the people. The times – they are a changing.

The New Jersey firearms hearings were a farce

New Jersey’s demographics reflect the changes we are seeing throughout America, but with that change the stench of elitism has arrogantly filled the hallowed halls of the State’s capital. At no time was the stench more odiferous than at the State’s firearm hearings on February 13th. The objections of the multitudes that flooded the halls were barely tolerated – to the point of several bills being voted on before public comments were heard. The commonality once shared by all legislators to support the Constitutions of the USA and of New Jersey had little bearing on the ideologues eager to recreate New Jersey according to their own worldview. The fact that they were elected to protect our government and took an oath to support our Constitutions meant nothing to them. The Constitutions they swore to support have become an inconvenience, which they circumvent and disregard at whim. This has resulted in an effective coup d’état that has gone unnoticed. In New Jersey, as in other liberal-leaning states, the very people who are supposed to be protecting, preserving and supporting our state and national Constitutions are the very same people that are blatantly dismantling them piece by piece. In short, it is the foxes that are now guarding the hen house.

Eric Holder said that no crisis should go to waste. It is shameful that our legislators are now exploiting the Newtown tragedies to promote their own agendas. They have used the recent barrage of violence against the innocent to further their goals to disarm America. This time the innocent victims won’t be those in classrooms, they will be all the citizens and residents of these United States. The only opposition to these treasonous ideologues has been a well-informed contingent of citizens who understand that our right to bear arms was not only created to protect us from criminals and terrorists but also to protect us from tyranny.

What checks and balances?

RoseAnn Salanitri, a leading activist in New Jersey

RoseAnn Salanitri, founder of New Jersey Tea Party Caucus.

The problem is compounded by the now defunct check and balance system we all relied on to protect our constitutional rights. Nationwide our rights are disintegrating before our very eyes. And neither logic nor threats of impeachment faze these “servants of the people” who disrespect our rules of law but demand respect from our citizens in turn. It is reasonable to assume that although they may be ideologues, they surely must be able to read and understand our Second Amendment that states: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is not a request; it is a demand. It is an inalienable right protected in our Constitution. The right that should be in question is the right of our legislators to subvert our Constitution. This is the right that does not exist but has tyrannically been created by treasonous ideologues bent on dismantling America and all our liberties under the pretense of taking care of us. Most dictatorships made the same promises to gain power. All dictatorships broke those promises once they amassed their power base – as it was always their intention to do.

When will this stop?

When will this insanity stop? I believe only when We the People rise up and speak with one voice that we will not tolerate these treasonous acts that subvert our laws, overthrow our system of government, and strip us of our God-given rights. Storming the Bastille may not be possible in America but we do have statehouses. There is a time when civil disobedience becomes civic responsibility. As New Jersey strives to compete with New York and other liberal states in its illegal disregard for our Constitutions, liberty’s best hope is in We the People who understand their civic responsibility.


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