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Boy Scouts: Social Justice Demands Protection of Children

A Boy Scout patrol does community service.

As a former homosexual who was sexually molested as a child, I urge the Boy Scouts of America to reinforce their policy prohibiting homosexuals as Scout leaders entrusted with the care of impressionable young boys and teens.

Boy Scouts shouldn’t abandon morality

A Boy Scout patrol does community service.

When I was a Boy Scout, we learned many useful skills – everything from tying knots to filleting a fish. I also learned about the chaos that can be unleashed in a Boy Scout troop when one member is gay.

Standing on your own two feet

Common Core puts a worm into this apple.

I have been part of the patriot movement well before Tea Parties came into existence – doing my best to educate the public about the unpublicized assaults against our Constitution. Unfortunately, all our noble attempts have not been able to stay the successful coup d’état that has gone nearly unnoticed by the general public.

Coup d’état in America – evidence mounts

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

Last year my fellow editor warned of a coup d’état in America. In case any reader has any doubt, Barack Obama and his allies have removed all doubt in the last several weeks. And in the process have made America ripe for rebellion. But if the right people stand up and lead, the results need not be as chaotic as one might suppose.

Makers and Takers: Samuel and Hussein

Squirrels can teach us much about makers and takers

Editor’s note: Ever notice that the best way to teach moral principles to a child is to use anthropomorphized animal characters? What if two real, live animals acted out their own morality play for a little boy? Don’t laugh: it happened. Our newest contributor shows how two squirrels illustrated beautifully the concept of makers and takers.

Media in America – shameless beyond words

Useful idiots make the media of not much better use than to wrap fish.

If anyone had any doubt that the journalists and the so called main stream media that employ them, have lost all remnants of professionalism, these past few weeks will have “gaveled” that case closed.

Obama 2013 Inaugural Speech – The Violable Vision of the Un-vetted

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast

Within hours of the inaugural speech by Barack Obama, varying opinions fell like a hard rain in the jungle.

Barack Obama: A Case of Identity Crisis

Are there any devils left in hell? Or did Obama hire them all away?

No, Barack Obama does not have the identity crisis. We have it. We do not know who Barack Obama is, and he’s not telling. And the answer is critical.

March for Life 2013: biggest ever

March for Life 2013 Abortion v Guns

The 39th annual March for Life took place in Washington, DC last Friday. CNAV was on the scene.

Punxsutawney Phil, move over – Reed Expositions needs to crawl in your hole

PUnxsutawney Phil, move over - an anti-gun event planner needs to share your space.

February 2nd in Pennsylvania has traditionally drawn attention to America’s favorite groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. February 2nd also marks the beginning of the annual Pennsylvania Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, which is held in Harrisburg and presented by Reed Expositions. This year’s Expo will not happen. Reed has been forced to cancel the event after it received harsh criticism from the gun world for banning AR-style Rifles – or so that is what is being reported. However, criticism is only half of the story. More than one-third of the exhibitors decided to boycott the show. For many of the exhibitors, such a boycott came at quite a price.