Unholy Trinity

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.
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Elementary school civics classes used to teach that we have three branches of government that are “supposed” to check and balance each other. Our founders thought this would be the most effective way to prevent power grabs. As good as this system worked in the past it has proven not to be infallible. Today the check and balance system that was designed to protect the country from power grabs has turned into a rubber stamp system, resulting in dire consequences and an ominous future. The three branches that were designed to check each other have morphed into an unholy trinity now consisting of incompetent legislators, ideologue judges and illegitimate and out of touch executives.

Unholy trinity: no check nor balance

This unholy trinity is incapable of checking itself – never mind checking another branch of government. In the process they have embraced “ostracism” – the practice of putting one’s head in the sand so as not to see the sins against the Constitution that are being committed on almost a daily basis. This ostracism has developed into an unspoken conspiracy by the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys responsible for protecting the Republic. And this ostracism has allowed the evils of the unholy trinity to escalate without repercussions from anyone or anything.

The Constitution of the United States. Today an unholy trinity of corrupt legislatures, ideological judges, and out-of-touch executives has replaced it.

The US Constitution. Photo: National Archives of the United States

The existing two-party system has breathed life into the unholy trinity by developing into cabals that pretend to represent their constituents – all the time building their power base by crushing any competing voices. And the media has also learned how to jump on the gravy train of power. Their brand of ostracism is particularly egregious, since they were given protection under our First Amendment to be our watchdogs and protect us against this very sort of thing. The hand-washing practices of the political parties and the media have perpetuated a false sense of security amongst We the People, lulling us into thinking that we actually have had viable choices and a spectrum of power against the unholy trinity.

The unholy trinity, the political cabals and the illusionary media have all created a perfect storm. Our founders couldn’t anticipate that power grabs by all three branches would converge upon the nation at the same time. This storm has railed against the ideals of liberty and threatened the land of the free. But the land of the free is also the home of the brave and a remnant of citizens that want this country to remain One Nation Under God are not about to give up the fight. The unholy trinity may be planning to create a throne room, complete with a king and his naves, but the battle cry of the remnant will be the same as it was in 1776 – NO KING BUT KING JESUS!

What Patriots will do

The patriots of 2012 won’t give up after losing a battle or two, just as the brave patriots of 1776 didn’t give up after suffering many defeats against an almost insurmountable enemy. We may have taken sometime to lick our wounds but we will live to fight another day. We will learn the lessons the political bosses have taught us, and we will do what needs to be done to preserve liberty and return this nation to God – knowing full well that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Yes, we are living in precarious times but the sleeping giant has awakened. And giants do not tolerate coups – even from globalists. It is true that we have lost this current battle but we also know that with God before us, who can be against us? It just took us a little time to remember. Forgive us, Almighty God!