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Mercury ice must have come from earth

The Mercury ice is found where the sun never shines on Mercury

Almost everyone agrees that comets and water-rich asteroids delivered lots of ice to Mercury. But the Mercury ice must have come from Earth. It cannot have come from anywhere else.

Slay the Beast!

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

As a Conservative Constitutionalist I have been doing a lot of self- and cultural analysis since the election. I don’t believe we can move forward effectively unless and until we fully understand the nature of the Beast that is leading our country off the cliff to oblivion. Then and only then can we develop a strategy to slay the Beast that has mesmerized our citizens into a near-fatal catatonic state.

Fiscal Cliff: What Color Is Your Hang Glider?

A wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread. This is what Obama, with his fiscal cliff plan, threatens us with.

America will go over the fiscal cliff. Putative President Barack Hussein Obama decided that yesterday. He sent out a (literally) ridiculous plan that would be worse even than the “sequester.” This, after he shot back to Mitt Romney that “it won’t happen.” If Republicans have any courage at all, they will walk away from this. Let the “sequester” play out. In fact, in moral terms they may do nothing else.

UN Palestine Vote: So what?

Flag of Palestine - symbol of peace, or of war? Why does the ASA take their side?

Yesterday the UN Palestine vote finally took place. Everyone knew how it would turn out, years ahead of time. So now the UN calls Palestine (whatever that is) a “state” but does not give it a vote. So what? Palestine might have better standing in the UN. But it does not have sovereignty. The world has not recognized its territorial claims. No one will re-divide Jerusalem tomorrow or any time soon, if ever. All the UN has done is to harden hearts all around.

Mercury ice find renews old riddle

The Mercury ice is found where the sun never shines on Mercury

Today NASA showed the world proof of something they long suspected: ice on Mercury, and lots of it. But the Mercury ice find reminds us of an old and vexing riddle: how did the ice get there?

Obamacare roadblock in appeals court

The Rod of Asclepius came from the Greeks. But the Silk Road exhibit would suggest modern medicine really began with Muslims.

The Obamacare bill ran into another judicial roadblock yesterday. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals enjoined federal officials from telling a private business to cover “birth control,” including pills, devices, and even surgery. The business sued on religious-freedom grounds. But the real winning evidence against Obamacare this time might have been medical, not philosophical or libertarian.

Warren Buffett spouts hypocritical nonsense

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett published a rant of arrant nonsense three days ago in The New York Times. Worse, how he actually invests and manages his money, and companies he owns or takes over, does not agree with what he says. Thus he spouted not only nonsense but hypocritical nonsense. He acted like an actor reading a script he could never understand. And if he does understand it, then he lied.

Warren Buffett: billionaire, manipulator, and un-American liar

Warren Buffett

The enemies of our country and it’s economic health are at it again. And once again they have the support of a selfish, money hungry, purveyor of misconception and class warfare, Warren Buffett.

Obama, we have some questions for you

Ambassador Susan Rice. Obama defended her lamely and in fact used her to shield his own ineptitude, or worse.

The utter contempt Obama has for the intelligence of the American people is staggering. Once again Obama has used a woman to cover for and save his own behind.

Coup d’état in America – calling a spade a “spade”

Chile's Moneda Palace. A violent gun battle broke out at this building during the 1973 coup d'état against Salvador Allende.

“What happened?” Everyone asked this on November 7th. The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama stunned the nation’s patriots who had worked tirelessly to unseat the would-be king. It’s my opinion that the answer to that question is that America has suffered a coup d’état, which many fail to either recognize or label correctly. If America is to survive, it’s high time we face reality and start calling a spade a “spade”. Only then can we figure out what we must do next.