Bush Doctrine and Reality Doctrine

Osama Bin Laden compound. A terrorist attack to kill an ambassador, but not to avenge this?
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As we all prepare for whatever it is that the news media and liberal moderator have in store for Mitt Romney at this evening’s Town Hall debate on foreign policy, it seems appropriate to revisit America’s policy of the last decade—the Bush Doctrine. For good or bad, George W. Bush is the author of this policy and while there may be some good, the bulk of the Bush Doctrine has been a disaster.

The Bush Doctrine and why it failed

This writing is not meant to demean Bush in any way. In fact, it was he who knew that for the long term, that means for generations to come, something had to be done to stop Islamic terrorism from continuing on the path of murder and evil.

So, after 9/11 and countless other Islamic atrocities, before and since, Bush decided to take terrorism on from the standpoint that all people, anywhere in the world, yearn to be free and live in peace. I suspect that he knows now, that is not true.

History has taught man that humaneness and humanity are two words that never coexist when people are ruled by government thugs instead of government being ruled by the people.

The Bush doctrine developed and Iraq became the initial testing ground for it. Afghanistan was already raging but that was more about, whether some like it or not, payback than anything else. Iraq was preemptive and provided a good starting ground for a future of peace.

It did not work.

George W. Bush, promulgator of the Bush Doctrine

George W. Bush at Ground Zero after 9/11. Hosted on Tea Party Advocate Tracking Hub

The idea was of course to set up a true democratic and free country in Iraq. Have them prosper and become the envy of the rest of the Middle East and that in generations to come, other Islamic countries would follow and sometime, even 20 or 30 years into the future, the dread, the murder, the fear, the oppression would cease to exist in that part of the world and the export of terrorism to the west would end.

That will never happen.

On paper and in Bush’s heart, even though it required a long-term commitment in material and American lives, it seemed a plan worth implementing.

We know now, it wasn’t.

After years of American boys being killed or sent home without limbs and hundreds of billions of dollars washed away into the bloody sands of Islamic rat hole countries, Iraq is slipping back to meet the past, instead of moving forward into modernity.

The Bush Doctrine has failed.

The Islamic Middle East is not like the rest of the world. They do not yearn to be free. They do not want to live in peace. They want infidels dead or converted to that murderous cult they call a religion. Ten years or a hundred years, nothing will change them and nothing will bring them to peace.


The Reality Doctrine.

Islamic Governments of the world, this is our new doctrine. Keep your thugs and fanatics home or face our wrath. You have been warned and any consequence of this doctrine will be of your doing.

  1. Any country that supports terrorism and has, helped or abetted any man or group, that has killed an American here at home or abroad, will be declared a terrorist state.
  2. That country, with the approval of Congress, will come under attack from our Air Force and our Navy. The attack will be relentless in taking out government buildings, railroads, bridges, factories, military installations on the ground or on the sea.
  3. Every hard target will be given a 2 hour notice to give the dictators time to move their people out of harms way.
  4. After the complete annihilation of the specified targets, America will go home and leave your miserable country to rebuild on its own without one dollar of support or one American soldier on the ground. Not one American boy will lose his life or leave a limb in the hell hole of any Islamic country.
  5. After 5 years, 10 years or however long it takes to re construct your infrastructure, if you choose to go down the same path, we will be back.
  6. Any country that supports terrorism and allows that activity on their soil will receive not one dollar of American money. We will no longer borrow hundreds of billions of dollars and then give it away to our enemies or any country that supports our enemies

Now of course this is just dreaming and the Reality Doctrine will never be implemented. However, if it was, this doctrine would surely be tested by our enemies. But just once.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocate Tracking Hub.