Russia behind Muslim unrest?

Obama is Putin's bitch, and that's why the flag of Russia flies over the Crimea today.
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The Obama administration can’t seem to keep its stories straight. First they said the Muslim riots in Egypt and Libya, and the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, were all due to an amateurish trailer to a movie that few have ever seen. Now they must admit that the Ambassador, at least, was a terrorist target. Furthermore, riots did not start in Libya independent of the Benghazi attack. But why did riots start elsewhere? Why are they still going on? Did Obama make mistakes? Yes. But someone planned all those riots. And now a new lead suggests who might be behind that planning: Russia.

Russia planned Muslim unrest decades ago

Lieutenant General Ion Mihai Pacepa is the highest-ranking Warsaw Pact official ever to defect. In 1978, when he defected, he ran the intelligence service for Rumania, one of the best allies Soviet Russia had before the Pact dissolved. His book, Red Horizons, gave much of the evidence in the trial of Nicolae Ceausescu. But his evidence in today’s case comes from no less than the former chairman of the Russian Komitet Gosudartvennoye Bezopasnosti (KGB, or Committee for State Security), and future General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union: Yury Andropov. General Pacepa describes something Andropov told him personally:

In 1972, I had a breakfast with then-KGB chairman Yury Andropov in Moscow. The Kremlin, he told me, had decided to transform Arab anti-Semitism into an anti-American doctrine for the whole Muslim world. The idea was to portray the United States as a war-mongering, Zionist country financed by Jewish money and run by a rapacious “Council of the Elders of Zion” (the KGB’s derisive epithet for the U.S. Congress) intent on transforming the rest of the world into a Jewish fiefdom. Andropov made the point that one billion adversaries could cause far greater damage than could a mere 150 million. Even Muhammad, he said, had not limited his religion to Arab countries.

Does any of that sound familiar? It should. The phrase “Elders of Zion” certainly should. How many people remember that The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion came straight from Russia? From Czarist Russia, no less.

Flag of Russia

Flag of Russia

That Communist Russia should dredge up that tired old image should surprise no one. True enough, Soviet Russia was one of the first to recognize the new Republic of Israel in 1948. But that was when Israel had that classic socialist institution, the kibbutz. Russians mistook that for their kolkhoz, or collective farm. To the extent that Israel embraced capitalism, she earned the enmity of Russia. But the Protocols affair shows that Russia has always hated the Jews.

General Pacepa warned people back in 2006 about “Russian footprints” in the 2006 Lebanon War. His evidence then was more direct: outmoded Russian weapons, including Soviet-era weapons, in terrorist hands. But he watched first-hand as the Rumanian security service resupplied Palestinian terrorists after the Six-Day War of 1967. He also charges that Arab terrorists did not invent airliner hijacking. The Russians taught them that skill.

In 1972, the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the US. As KGB Yury Aandroov told me, a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America than could a few millions. We needed to instill a Nazi-style hatred for the Jews throughout the Islamic world, and to turn this weapon of the emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter, the United States. No one within the American/Zionist sphere of influence should any longer feed safe.

According to Andropov, the Islamic world was a waiting petri dish in which we could nurture a virulent strain of America-hatred, grown from the bacterium of Marxist-Leninist thought. Islamic anti-Semitism ran deep. The Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism and victimology. Their illiterate oppressed mobs could be whipped up to a fever pitch.

Pacepa makes one controversial charge today. In July of 1968, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked El Al Flight 426. That flight is still the only flight that El Al has ever lost to hijacking. The controversy: the PFLP did not learn the art of hijacking on its own. Indeed the KGB created the PFLP and bankrolled it, too. And the KGB’s Department 13 planned and ran the hijacking from start to finish. Department 13 later carried the named Department V and Department 8 of Directorate S. (Ian Fleming called it SMERSH, or Smyert Shpionam, Death to Spies.) That Department, by whatever name, always planned “wet” affairs. Wet, that is, with blood.

In March of 2012, Daniel Pipes wrote about the paradox of Arab Muslims living in Israel. A commenter asked,

Why has [General] Pacepa been ignored on the cause of global terrorism and on the cause of the Arab Israeli conflict?

Is Russia planning Muslim unrest today?

Why would that be so hard to believe? In fact, says Pacepa, no matter who says he runs Russia, the Russian intel services run Russia. Pacepa calls Russia “the first intelligence dictatorship in history.” Russia always made that charge about the United States. (So do many “conspiracy theorists” in America.) Notice that criminals, and criminal countries, always “throw off” on their targets.

Remember also: Vladimir Putin, the real power in Russia, once ran the KGB. He sat at the same kind of desk where Pacepa sat in Rumania. He has his own personality cult, with lissome blonds singing their desire to have boyfriends like him. And: Dmitriy Medvedev, whom an “open mic” caught with Barack Obama, told Obama that he would pass Obama’s information on to “Vladimir.”

What does the Bible say?

General Pacepa uses the Russia he knew and worked with, as the key to understanding events in the Middle East today. If one can apply today the lessons of the old Soviet Union, that would explain much. Among other things, it would explain why riots would spring up in twenty different countries over a specious pretext. And it would explain why those who killed Ambassador Stevens not only had such good “cover,” but how they could run that attack so smoothly. It might even explain who really ran the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Liberals and libertarians insist that the United States government, or maybe Mossad, ran that. But what if Russia ran it instead? Wouldn’t they have the resources to bring about the precise signs that the conspiracy theorists point to?

Nor is the Bible silent on this prospect. The prophet Ezekiel, 2500 years ago, said that Russia would lead a vast coalition in a coordinated attack on Israel. These riots, and the Iranian nuclear program, could be precursors to “Ezekiel’s War.”