Obama rainbow flag and personality cult

The Obama rainbow flag. Democrats now run from this flag and the man.
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Barack Obama has a new flag: the Obama Rainbow Flag. Like the earlier Obama face flag, it is a travesty of the American flag. But this time, Obama cannot and does not disavow it. Furthermore, the Obama rainbow flag has three symbols that should give anyone pause.

Obama rainbow flag design

The Obama rainbow flag has nine stripes instead of the original thirteen. The five red stripes are streaks, like red paint. Or maybe blood. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit said early this morning that the five red stripes look a lot like bloodstains. In fact Hoft compared them to the blood streaks that at least one American left on the wall of the US Consulate in Benghazi before he died there.

The four white stripes are not so much stripes as spaces between stripes. Again that evokes the streaks that a wounded man might make on a wall with his spread-out fingers.

The flag’s union (upper left-hand corner) has the worst change. The fifty stars on a blue field are missing. In their place is a light cyan capital O with a rainbow running along the bottom—the official logo of the Obama campaign.

Barack Obama does not even try to disavow the Obama rainbow flag. Three years ago, someone designed the Obama face flag, having seven red and six white stripes, with Obama’s face for a union. It sold on eBay until eBay administration de-listed it. But on March 14, 2012, the Democratic Party office in Leesburg, Florida, flew an Obama face flag beneath a proper US flag. A local veteran reminded the party leader sharply that the Obama face flag breaks the US Flag Code. The office took the flag down.

In contrast, Barack Obama, until recently, offered the Obama rainbow flag for sale from the campaign’s online store. Price: $35. (UPDATE: The Obama campaign on-line store has since taken the Obama rainbow flag off the market. The original link that The Blaze published leads to a custom HTTP-404, or “File Not Found,” page. Obama for America offers not one word to explain the change.) Todd Starnes, at Fox Radio, describes a second print, showing the Obama rainbow flag inside the outline of the continental USA.

The official title of the Obama rainbow flag: “Our stripes.” That is yet another mistake. (UPDATE: Make that was. See above.) Stripes are a symbol of struggle, and often of political punishment. So “Our stripes” could mean “Our struggle.” Or in German, Unser Kampf. Think how close that is to Mein Kampf.

Obama rainbow flag symbols

The Obama rainbow flag

The Obama rainbow flag. Source: BarackObama.com online store.

The Obama rainbow flag has a third symbol, in addition to bloodstains and Nazi-like “struggle,” that should alarm anyone. Revelation 4:3 describes Jesus sitting on His throne in heaven. Around his head: a rainbow. Could Obama have sought to imitate Jesus Christ all this time, and everyone missed the symbol of his campaign logo? But they did not miss it completely. Many supporters called him Messiah. Even at the most charitable, they meant a God-substitute.

MSN.com admitted, if snidely, that the Obama rainbow flag provoked anger and loathing. One commenter offered this:

I thought EACH red stripe was representing $1 TRILLION in national debt the incompetent HUSSEIN OBAMA (who does not believe in budgets) is spending. He has 4 stripes to his credit already, and is working on the fifth stripe. Man, how anyone can support this guy is beyond me!

David Harsanyi at Human Events included the Obama rainbow flag in his pictorial history of Obama cult symbols. Compared to some of the pictures, the Obama rainbow flag seems a trifle, only the latest outrage of American sensibilities. No President has ever built such an obvious personality cult while in office. (Arguably, Abraham Lincoln has a cult. But at least that cult, if cult it be, waited until after he was dead to spring up.)

CNAV said six months ago that the Obama face flag would not be the first defaced US flag that Obama, or his supporters, would create. With the Obama rainbow flag, CNAV claims vindication. Sometimes vindication is not so pleasant to claim. This is a prize example.