Eligibility and American common law, part 2

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.
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What the media refuses to discuss, I will. I don’t care whether you are Republican, Democrat, white, black, brown or yellow (in skin pigment, not in spirit!). The eligibility issue strikes at the heart and soul of the United States. The truth must be told!

First, Where Do We Go From Here?

Logic, reason, and law need honest men and women of integrity and intelligence. So what is the law and where does one go for proper “due process”? Oh did I say honest and proper ‘due process”? How stupid of me. I forgot for a moment that I live in New Jersey. This is one of, if not the, most corrupt State in the Union, no matter what political party controls the government. That is, for now.

We have one alternative: the Supreme Court of the United States. We assume that they defend the Constitution. And rest assured: we will go there after the charade we expect here in New Jersey.

But will the US Supreme Court evade the issue yet more?

Just how long will they keep avoiding this Constitutional challenge: whether Mr. Obama is constitutionally eligible to hold the office of the President? This issue will not go away even if Mr. Obama loses his bid for the Presidency. The future of the United States and the Constitution hangs on their answer.

Every act, law, regulation, Executive Order, and appointment that this administration has made, signed, or otherwise set in force, has damaged this country. Mr. Obama’s unqualified appointments of two judicial activists to the Supreme Court are especially damaging to this Republic. The Supreme Court must answer the question of eligibility. Otherwise, what this Administration has set in motion will have devastating effects for coming generations. We may never recover our glorious heritage.

What if I told you that Obama’s eligibility is a “racist” issue?

Americans should not marvel at the behavior of our Supreme Court until now. Their treacherous actions have thus far let the United States become a quasi-totalitarian state. The media, academia, and this Marxist administration itself have spewed out propaganda to help this along. The mantra:

Only a “racist” would question Mr. Obama’s eligibility credentials.

This is nothing but a ploy and a disgusting lie. Obama puts it out for one reason: to divide and ‘balkanize” this country. Why? So that he can create a one world socialist/Marxist government. Divide and conquer! Obama’s newest communist campaign slogan is one word: “Forward.” In 2008 it was “Change”. Now we have regressed to a semi-monarchy. Every two-bit dictator throughout history has repeated the slogans that this administration uses.

So where am I going with this? The simple truth: a bunch of Neville Chamberlains have long overrun our legislature and courts. These people kowtow to blatant racism and intimidation. And they tolerate, and promulgate, politically correct bull$#%t to appease outright anarchists. They do not care that those anarchists would transform the nation without firing a shot.

Reasoning to evade the eligibility issue: riots?

The Constitution. A casualty of failure to address the eligiblity issue?

The US Constitution. Photo: National Archives of the United States

Allow me to digress for a moment. One can clearly understand why the liberal progressive establishment went into attack mode when Clarence Thomas appeared before the Judiciary Committee before the Senate confirmed him. A true man of principle and courage was their worst nightmare. A poor American black who came out of the (then arguably) racist South, without affirmative action, and stood tall: that was Clarence Thomas. This sterling jurist showed his mettle publicly, and without rancor. And he now says that his colleagues were/are avoiding the issue of Mr. Obama’s eligibility.

No one has the gonadal fortitude to tell you why. My sources in Washington, DC told me flatly why none dare adjudicate this issue. If the Court found Obama ineligible to hold the Office of President, the “blacks” will burn down the inner cities, and we will have chaos. Better to wait for him to leave office.

Excuse me? What are these morons saying? Do they really depict black Americans as wild savages that they must placate because they have no regard for law and justice? As Patrick Henry famously said,

Forbid it, Almighty God!

The Americans I know (and I hate using the word black, or African) are respectful and law-abiding citizens. D__n the race baiters and hustlers who would have you believe we are a country of racists! Let us see who the real racists are: Al (the instigator) Sharpton, Jessie (the extortionist) Jackson, and Obama’s ex-czar Van Jones (the communist distribution Czar). The most despicable is Obama’s Attorney General, Eric (we only prosecute whites) Holder. Remember him? it’s okay for the New Black Panthers to intimate whites at the polls. This racist clown tells black Ministers how to preach that blacks should vote only for Obama. The cliché, “the inmates are running the asylum” is now fact.

This is your wake-up call. “We the People” of the United States have proved we are a color blind society. Yet, from the moment Mr. Obama occupied the White House, race relations have gotten worse. Ask yourself why? Maybe this Administration, the media, and academia saw their opportunity to build a socialist country.

Our black brothers and sisters make up about 12-14 percent of the people. That doesn’t make a President. Americans, of all races, religions and nationalities, let Obama dupe them. They voted for Mr. Obama, believing he was sincere about “change” but not a Marxist change.

Make no mistake about it. This Administration wants to divide us as a people to stay in power. They will start race riots if they have to, to declare martial law and suspend our inalienable rights. (Does anyone remember an old ABC-TV pilot program titled Shadow on the Land? A blow-up in the ghetto one month, and the next thing you know, we have the Internal Security Forces—that’s English for Schutzstaffel—on every street corner!) And that’s exactly what our legislators and judges fear.

Where law ends, tyranny begins.

If any race, nationality or religion would burn and destroy our cities because a court upheld the Constitution, let the fire begin. Freedom is color blind, as should be the law.

We want a trial! And, the sooner the better for all Americans. Are you cowards listening? I’ll say it again: we want a judge, any judge, to adjudicate the issue of Constitutional eligibility. Every American must stand together arm in arm in support of our Constitution against any threats. The American people of all our races and nationalities are good. That is what makes us exceptional. In no other nation in the world could a “minority,” become President of the United States. None! Yet, those that want a fair and open hearing on the eligibility question are racist? I remember the words of a Firemen after the attack on the Twin Towers. Permit me to plagiarize to a degree:

Instead of kiss my Irish ***, I say kiss this American’s ***!

To the United States Supreme Court

Have all our judges succumbed to fear? Have they all forgotten their oath of office, to

support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…

If the Supreme Court may ignore the Constitution, then we no longer live in a free Republic. We must never let the Constitution mean what any group of men says it means any time they say it. The Constitution means what it says! Americans will never surrender our system of government to tyrants. For too long, we have let depraved men destroy our value system, education, religious freedoms and our laws! No more!

Shall we live in fear that a bunch of anarchists will set fires, if we address this Constitutional question? As an American I say: light the fire! I think better of the American people. That includes every race, nationality and religion. Our ancestors fought the Revolutionary War because Americans knew no fear, and would never bow to threats! If you do, you are anything but an American.

A Parthian shot—and an immodest proposal

(With apologies to Jonathan Swift.)

My friend Paul made an astute observation worth repeating. I ask the Court and the people of the United States to think about this scenario about this ballot challenge, and a court ruling that equates an English Common Law natural born subject as an Article II “natural born Citizen.” We have an opportunity.

We should form a company and extend Presidential Birthing Services to Chinese communists of foreign citizenship. We can tell the leaders of Communist China that their leadership in the Communist party, who are Chinese nationals, can just come to the US and give birth to their children on US soil. The courts have decreed that those offspring wold be natural born “subjects” of the U.S. and therefore meet Article II natural born citizen qualifications to be President.

This will excite great demand among the leaders of Communist China, to come to America with their pregnant wives to give birth on US soil so that the Communist party of China can create a future U.S. President. (Laurence Harvey, call your agent!)

We could clean up providing a pay service complete with certification of live birth that says the child has the right to be President of the US by birth, per jus soli. We could advertise this all over the Internet. Maybe then the people will wake up to what the courts are doing. And they will begin to realize that natural born citizen does not mean natural born subject. I’m sure the Islamic butchers from Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. are already chartering planes. (Wait a minute! The Turks really are chartering planes! They call it “birth tourism”!)

What can you do?

Call your Senators and Representatives! Now! Today! Demand that a court, any court, rule on what a natural born citizen really is! (In fact, a Florida court has set a hearing to do just that.)

The Eagle (See you in Court)