A Party Without Shame: Silence the Opposition

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.
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Like Diogenes searching for an honest man, to search for a political party of Statesmen is search for a needle in a haystack. Statesmen are now obsolete. Instead “We the People” get lifetime establishment politicians. The Republican Party has morphed into something that our Founders would barely recognize and scarcely approve.

It’s time to tell my fellow Republicans the truth about their so-called moralistic Party that supposedly stands for values, morals, family, and the Constitution. Bull! In truth they are no better than the Democrat Marxist Party.

Both Parties act like private clubs run by party bosses that decide who the candidates will be, the voters be damned! The ghost of Boss Tweed rings loud and clear:

I don’t care who wins the election, as long as we choose the candidates.

Once their candidate, or should I say puppet, is in office they get their marching orders: “rubber-stamp” what we propose, accommodate our cronies. There’s no difference in parties. Bi-partisan “compromise” is a way of doing things, that is if they want to stay in office.

We the People are repeatedly manipulated. The establishment chooses the party candidate. If you’re not one of the establishment’s choices, they will silence your message!

Republican modus operandi

Two recent incidents provoked me to write this article. Allow me to digress to Monmouth County Republican’s “Abe Lincoln Dinner”. All those in attendance repeatedly heard from the establishment was Mitt Romney is our candidate for President, Joe Kyrillos for U.S. Senator, and Chris Smith for Congress.

Our phantom 30-0year RINO Congressman venturred far from his adopted State of Virginia to grace us with a rare appearance . He sacrificed a night in New Jersey since it’s an election year. If re-elected, he’ll visit us again two years from now.

All the fanfare behind the Republican candidates would have been fine apart from one very important fact. The New Jersey primary has not yet taken place! Other candidates are running for these same positions!

The current Republican leadership believed those others running were not worthy of mention. This although they are well qualified and are the choice of many in attendance. God forbid any of those speakers should tell the audience,

Whoever wins the primary we must join together and support that candidate.

Oh, no! It’s a foregone conclusion. They’ll pick the candidate and that’s who they expect you to support. Their action caused many of those in attendance to get up from their tables and leave in disgust.

What the establishment seems to be missing is this: Mitt Romney is in no way a conservative, as his record clearly demonstrates. Nor at the time had he garnered fifty percent of the delegates. In fact he was teetering with about 35%in the primaries. Even now with many of the field suspending their campaign, except for Dr. Ron Paul, Mitt Romney is still having problems.

Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Mr. 999 Cain bore no mention at all. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t like the establishment candidates this year and will cast my vote Dr. Ron Paul. I pray others will do the same and, by some miracle Dr. Paul carries New Jersey. It will teach the Republican establishment a lesson; and hopefully we will have a brokered convention. No longer must “We the People” let he Party Bosses control the ticket!

This does not mean I won’t vote for Governor Romney should he garner the delegates he needs. Anyone would be better than the Marxist buffoon now holding office. (Even some Democrats think so; Obama almost lost the West Virginia primary to someone sitting in a Texas jail!) But, just maybe the Republican leadership will get the picture.

And keep in mind the future statewide elections in 2013. Stop taking us for granted, expecting us to fall in line. That’s over! What took place in Indiana’s primary, namely the defeat of Dick Lugar, Obama’s favorite RINO, should be a wake-up call!

But clearly for me the straw that broke the camel’s back took place at the Republican Club in my Township. I asked them to invite Mr. Bader Qarmout, who is challenging Mr. Kyrillos for the Senate nomination, and Mr. Terrence McGowan, who is challenging Chris (the RINO) Smith in the Fourth District, so that the members could hear their platforms prior to the primary scheduled for June 5th. Their refusal was shocking to one’s sense of fairness to say the least. They thought it better to have a civilian speaker this coming May 22, on other topics, instead of a political speaker. Wow! Thirteen days prior to the primary, knowing about an alternative candidate wasn’t important! Once again, Republicans are in the dark about the alternative candidate’s platform. Maybe the word silenced is a better term!

Looking at the candidates

Bader Qarmout, Republican candidate for US Senate in NJ

Bader Qarmout, candidate for the US Senate from NJ, meets and greets well-wishers at the home of Nick Lally in Green Township, NJ. Photo: CNAV.

Joe Kyrillos didn’t even bother to speak to the Club. Nor did the members know that Mr. Qarmout has repeatedly challenged Mr. Kyrillos to debate the issues after Kyrillos, like a coward, refused to participate. I believe the reason is simple: Joe Kyrillos is an anti-Second Amendment Party yes-man with no specific platform. His only claim to fame is that he’s a friend of Governor Christie. He led Christie gubernatorial campaign and worked on the political campaign for Romney in 2008. So according to the Republican playbook, it’s his turn; he’s one of the boys.

Bader Qarmout’s platform should interest any voter:

  • A balanced budget
  • Term limits
  • Pro-life
  • Flat tax
  • Traditional family values
  • And last but not least: pro-2nd Amendment.

He certainly sounds like a Constitutional Republican to me. God forbid the rank and file of the party should know this. They might vote for him as their candidate in the primary. Yikes! A number of Tea Parties and religious organizations have endorsed him. Surely that disqualifies him by the Republican establishment standards.

Then there’s Terrence McGowan. He’s a strong Conservative. He has spent his life serving and protecting others, as a Navy SEAL, NJ Police Officer, NJ Firefighter, and civilian Iraqi War veteran. And, believe it or not a true believer in the 2nd Amendment. People like Terry, generally avoid the spotlight. But he has decided that our country needs him to step into the political arena. He is challenging 30-year incumbent Chris Smith. Smith is another of Obama’s Pelosi’s favorite RINO’s. He is nothing less than a counterfeit Republican who repeatedly voted with the Democrats. It’s time for Mr. Smith to leave Washington, not stay in Washington.

Back-door party politics

Anna Little, Republican primary candidate in the NJ 6th District

Anna Little, Republican primary candidate in NJ-6, during her 2010 campaign. Photo: Essex County Conservative Examiner, shared with CNAV.

The Republican double cross in the 6th Congressional District is the final shame. Anna Little, Former Mayor, Monmouth County Freeholder, is a well-known seasoned campaigner. Two years ago she beat the Republican Party’s big-money candidate Dianne Gooch. She came within ten points of beat Frank Pallone, Mr. I wrote the Health-care legislation himself, and she is the best Republican to beat him this time. Yet she was removed from the Republican Party Column 4 and placed on Column 5. Her replacement is a total unknown. He says he lives in Asbury Park, but his voting record shows he voted in Ocean County. Out of nowhere he became the party’s choice. Yet, he never attended a GOP Gala, affiliated meeting , local GOP dinner, or Tea party Meeting. For that matter ever raised a dime or supported and Republican candidate to anyone’s knowledge. Nor has ever been elected to any public office.

My guess is the Republican establishment would rather see Frank Pallone keep his seat in Congress than see Anna on the ticket. They still can’t get the egg that Anna put on their faces when she beat their candidate Dianne Gooch. So this is how they get even. Let’s pray they once again get egg on their face, and Anna wins the primary and goes on to beat Frank Pallone.

A Constitutional Party?

Many in the Tea Party movement would like to see a Constitutional Party – I say heck No! It’s time to take back our party from those that have stolen it! Restore the platform to what it was, not what the establishment want it to be. Again, the Republican establishment got a taste of the future in Indiana, New Jersey your next! Well there you have it, my chance to vent, that being said.

Maybe the establishment should wake up and follow the lead of the Monmouth County Freeholder’s all Republican’s that attentively listen to the citizens, and thereafter act in their behalf, and at times go against the tide of the establishment. I can assure you they will get the support of the Tea Party’s as well as many from both parties. To each of them I say thank you.

“We the “People” in the Republican Party will be heard; we will not let you continue with business as usual! I would remind the establishment; a true Republican believes in Constitutional principles. The “Tea Party” just demonstrated we are alive and well and growing daily, just ask Senator Dick Luger of Indiana. Will you be next?

The Eagle