Obama birth certificate fraud

The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid?
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The Obama birth certificate is a forgery. Furthermore, Obama’s draft card is another forgery. Now a sheriff has said it before the world.

Obama birth certificate evidence

This afternoon, at 1:00 p.m. MST, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, released his findings. Last April, the White House published a PDF file that purported to show the long-form Obama birth certificate. That did not satisfy critics of the man now holding office as President (hereafter abbreviated TMNHOAPOTUS). Two hundred fifty of them wrote to the sheriff and demanded an investigation. Their grounds: if Obama has not shown and cannot show that he is a natural-born citizen, then he would be ineligible to appear on a ballot for Presidential Electors from the State of Arizona.

So Joe Arpaio convened his “Cold Case Posse” of retired law-enforcement officers and lawyers with law-enforcement experience. Their assignment: find out whether the Obama birth certificate is genuine or not. According to Joe Arpaio and posse officer Mike Zullo, they fully expected to validate the Obama birth certificate, not disprove it. But they found problems with it almost at once.

The Obama birth certificate document has nine separate layers. Apologists for TMNHOAPOTUS  insisted that the layers came about when the White House optimized the document. They did this, so the theory goes, so that people could download a small-enough version of it without crashing the White House server. The problem: the posse tried to re-create the process. They printed out a long-form birth certificate (without the “green safety paper” background), scanned it, and added back the safety-paper texture. They did not get the same layers that the Obama birth certificate document has. Nor did they see the “white halos” that surround every character in the White House document.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, latest to investigate the Obama birth certificate

Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ.

They then realized another problem with the document: each layer is an image of text. The “text” that appears in the document is not machine-readable. Therefore, no one used any optical character recognition software to produce that document. To prove this, the posse produced a document using their own OCR program. They got machine-readable and even editable text.

From this they realized that the Obama birth certificate document is a forgery. At today’s press conference, they said that it was not only a forgery but a poorly done forgery.

Nor is this the only damning evidence. Zullo also said that a Selective Service System card issued to Barack H. Obama II is also a forgery.

The most stunning thing that Zullo and Arpaio said concerned the travel record of Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, Obama’s mother. The official story is that Mrs. Obama flew back to the United States and had her son in a hospital in Honolulu, HI. The posse asked the National Archives for records of persons entering the United States from Kenya in 1961. No record exists of a Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, or any woman with a similar name, returning to the USA from Kenya. But more to the point: the records of returnees from August 1, 1961 through August 9, 1961 inclusive, are missing. This nine-day gap recalls the infamous Eighteen-and-a-half-minute Gap on one of many seven-inch reel-to-reel tape recordings that President Richard M. Nixon made. Ironically, he made those recordings while trying to hide his involvement in the infamous burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at Washington’s Watergate Hotel in the summer of 1972.

In addition:

  1. They accused officials of the Hawaii Department of Health of deliberately withholding information from them and from other investigators.
  2. They have identified a “person of interest” in their effort to figure out who created the Obama birth certificate file. They will not say who their POI might be, or who employs him, or how, if at all, he connects to Obama.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio also announced that the United States Congress might have to investigate further. He called on TMNHOAPOTUS to “please help us” by giving any information that could still show that the Obama birth certificate is genuine.

How the press have reacted

WND.com produced the press conference and the video captures below. WND reporter Jerome Corsi, who has written extensively on the Obama birth certificate controversy, also spoke at the conference. WND offered this page as a place to apply for a copy of Arpaio’s findings. CNAV tried several times to apply to receive the report. The results were not promising and suggested that WND‘s servers cannot cope with the requests it is receiving. (WND promises to make several videos of the press conference, each 15 minutes long, available at that address tomorrow morning.)

WND invited members of mainstream press organs to attend. Several did. But they reacted in anger, not at the idea that the White House produced a fraudulent document, but at Sheriff Arpaio and his posse. Most of them demanded to know whether they meant to accuse Obama of the forgery, and how they could say such a thing. In answer, Arpaio and Zullo denied that they accused anyone, and said that they had (thus far) no evidence to suggest that Obama took part in “manufacturing” an “electronic file.” They did say that the file is not genuine, and therefore is a fraud, and they will investigate further to find out who created it and why.

Two alternative organs as well as WND published, respectively, a report and an editorial saying that the only way to stop the fraud was with the people’s vote this fall. Brian Montopoli at CBS.com filed this report, but devoted half his space to attacking Arpaio’s record as sheriff and accusing him of seeking publicity. Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier mentioned the Arpaio news conference only briefly, with a short clip from the news conference. For Fox News Channel, this is a burial. Had Fox considered this story important, they would have introduced it with their trademark “Fox News Alert” graphic and fanfare. They did not. (Fox News preoccupied itself all day with remembering conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, who died this morning under mysterious circumstances.)

How others have reacted

Nick Purpura is the lead plaintiff in the only case against the health care reform bill that mentioned Obama’s eligibility to hold his office. He and co-plaintiff Donald R. Laster Jr never argued that Obama was born anywhere other than in Hawaii. Instead they argued, and still insist, that Obama is not a natural-born citizen because his father was a British colonial subject.

Today Purpura watched the conference on a live stream. “Wild,” he said, and added:

This calls for a RICO complaint. We should name [Senate Democratic Leader] Harry Reid and [former Speaker, now House Democratic Leader] Nancy Pelosi, as aiding and abetting fraud. They have stolen the office of President of the United States, and here is the proof.

A ranking New Jersey Tea Party activist did not hear about the press conference until CNAV reached her for comment. She expressed no surprise, either with Arpaio’s findings or the lack of coverage.