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A Court Without Shame: the Supreme Court betrays the Constitution (Part 2)

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

As stated in Part I, oral argument on the constitutionality of Obama-care will take place on March 26-28, 2012. But whatever the Court decides, the integrity of the Supreme Court will forever be soiled. No decision can or will be legitimate, nor cover the shame of this Supreme Court for failing to adhere to the Constitution and laws of the land.

A Court Without Shame: The Supreme Court Betrays the Constitution (Part 1)

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

Many still believe we are living in a Constitutional Republic governed by the Rule of Law. Unfortunately, America is at a crossroads in which the freedoms we once enjoyed and are protected by our Constitution are rapidly eroding.

I write this article not as a disgruntled litigant, but as an American that fears and trembles for the course his country has taken. The Constitution was once the bulwark of our freedoms and protections. Now a government filled with tyrants in black robes has morphed it into something that our Founders would barely recognize.. The Courts, that exist to check and balance our other two branches of government, willingly rubber-stamp legislation that is clearly unconstitutional. One can only guess their motives, but their behavior violates their oath of office to protect and uphold the Constitution of these United States. It is a sacred oath that the Framers created to protect our Rule of Law from despots and usurpers.

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney allied?

Ron Paul speaks about liberty and safety

Are Ron Paul and MItt Romney allied? Or is a certain leftist blog suggesting that merely to provoke more dissension in the Republican rank and file? The evidence is sketchy at best.

Oil prices, embargoes, and lies

The Kimmeredge oil well. Is raising the price of oil a motive to let the Middle East erupt in flames?

Oil prices have more than tripled from recession-era lows, and motor fuel prices have more than doubled. The last time prices were so high, a certain US Senator from Illinois used that against the then-incumbent President and that same Senator’s eventual opponent. That Senator is now President. Now he seems to want oil prices to stay high.

David Larsen announces NJ-7 run

David Larsen, candidate for Congress in NJ-7

David Larsen, resident of Oldwick, NJ, addressed a Tea Party group on February 23 as he challenges Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ-7) in the upcoming Republican primary in New Jersey.

Libertarians smarter?

A square political grid. Intelligence moves you up the scale. So are libertarians smarter on that account?

Are liberals really smarter than conservatives? Or are libertarians smarter than anyone else? A recent column in The Daily Mail suggests so. True or not, it shows that “liberal” and “conservative” are not the only two extremes of opinion. In fact, they are special cases of a far more general political landscape.

Liberal intelligence not so great

Adlai E. Stevenson, exemplar of flawed liberal intelligence

Several social scientists have published studies in the last two years pretending to show that liberal intelligence is somehow superior. That is, that liberals are smarter than conservatives. But the studies use bad methods and worse premises. If anything, they show that liberals can be fairly dim sometimes, even as they try to prove that they’re bright.

Entitlement is not freedom

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

In the past few weeks, many people have taken fresh interest in “scientific evidence” that liberals are somehow smarter than conservatives. In all the excitement, one man claiming to have found such “evidence” admits, bald-faced, that liberalism is all about entitlement. So an old proverb bears repeating: entitlement is not freedom, Indeed entitlement and freedom work against one another. When one wins, the other loses. Every person, especially in a nominally free society, must choose.

Bader Qarmout announces NJ Senate run

Bader Qarmout vs. the Gang of 8

Bader Qarmout, immigrant from Jordan, resident of Sparta, NJ, and CNAV contributor, announced yesterday his run for the New Jersey Republican Senate nomination. New Jersey has not elected a Republican to the United States Senate since 1972 (Clifford Case). Bader Qarmout is confident that he will break that long losing streak.

Same sex marriage: empty veto?

The gavel: a symbol of justice and punishment for corrupt officials.

What do Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Iowa, California, New York and Maine have in common? They all allow same sex marriage. This is a pretty remarkable occurrence given that George W. Bush was elected because he vowed to pass a Constitutional amendment protecting the definition of traditional marriage. Sorry to say that Bush’s campaign promises have gone the way of most other campaign promises – the highway of unaccountability. It is even more remarkable when one considers that the citizens of these states in many instances voted against same sex marriage. However, their will was overturned by either the legislature or the courts.