Question Evolution – new video

A caricature of Charles Darwin, that illustrates much of what is wrong with evolution, and why it is important to question evolution.
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The Question Evolution campaign gained a new 13-year-old ally in the last twenty-four hours, just in time for Christmas. His new one-minute spot makes compelling viewing.

The Question Evolution campaign

Creation Ministries International started its Question Evolution campaign last summer. The Australia-based ministry has fifteen questions that evolutionists cannot answer. (So they often dodge some questions by trying to say that they are off-topic, like the origin of life; or else they go off on wild tangents.) The questions are:

  1. How did life begin?
  2. Where did the DNA code come from?
  3. How can mutations, which are copying mistakes, actually create new information?
  4. Why do evolutionists teach natural selection as the engine of evolution? Natural selection selects; it does not create.
  5. Where did new biochemical pathways come from, with all their intermediate steps?
  6. Why do scientists reject, a priori, any notion of a non-“natural” or non-wild cause for anything, often breaking the Law of Averages?
  7. Where did multi-celled life come from?
  8. Why sex?
  9. Where are the “Missing Links”?
  10. Why should any form of life never change for millions of years, if evolution is so powerful?
  11. How could blind chemistry create intelligence, and even high concepts of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics?
  12. How do evolutionists expect people to believe some of their “just-so” stories?
  13. What scientific breakthroughs are due entirely to evolution?
  14. How can evolutionists claim that their “science,” which is really a kind of history, is in the same class as the operational or experimental sciences?
  15. How do evolutionists get away with teaching a proposition based on faith (or perhaps anti-faith) as if it were hard science?

The new video

A caricature of Charles Darwin, that illustrates much of what is wrong with evolution, and why it is important to question evolution.

This caricature of Charles Darwin illustrates much of what is wrong (and ironic) with the concept of evolution.

A new YouTube user calling himself MisterExpertise has produced a new video (see below) to call attention to the Question Evolution campaign. Sources close to him say that he is thirteen years old. Remarkably, his video shows production values that easily rival those of any professional advertising agency.  The music alone is worth the viewer’s time. The slides cannot show the content of the questions (one minute and nine seconds is not long enough for that). But they do excite the viewer’s interest, and the author has thoughtfully listed links in the video description for the viewer to find out what those questions are, and how he can take part. The “Question Evolution” phrase appears in the first slide (always a good hook), over a priceless photograph of Charles Darwin holding his right forefinger over his lips.

Sh-h-h-h! Quiet! We mustn’t say certain things out loud!

That’s the attitude of many evolutionists today. It is the reason for the Question Evolution campaign.

The new video came out in time for Christmas, so it ends with a Christmas message. No doubt he will produce more videos next year. CNAV looks forward to reviewing them.