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Fast and furious throw-downs

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

Operation Fast and Furious was all about carrying throw-down weapons from America to Mexico. When will most news organs realize that?

Health care reform bill appeal delayed

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

As appeals court judges run from a health care reform bill appeal, their clerks have delayed the case—and broken court rules to do it.

Many of the judges of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals have recused themselves from hearing the appeal in the case of Purpura v. Sebelius, a case that two New Jersey men filed pro se. Instead, they seem to have left some dirty work to their clerks.

Debt ceiling talks break down

A wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread. This is what Obama, with his fiscal cliff plan, threatens us with.

Talks on raising the debt ceiling have broken down completely. Both Republicans walked away today, because the Democrats have nothing to say.

Where the debt ceiling stands

The US debt ceiling is now about $14.29 trillion. Technically the government hit that limit in mid-May. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said that he could move some funds around to avoid actually borrowing over the legal limit. But he could do that only for another 11 weeks. That 11 weeks runs out on August 2.

The debt ceiling talks

Since early May, Vice President Joe Biden has run several meetings of top Democrats and Republicans to negotiate a rise in the debt ceiling. The problems:

Afghanistan war speech persuades no one

A memorial to the Soviet Afghanistan war stands in the Ukraine. Photo: Letitia Avierklieva. CC BY 2.0 Generic License.

President Obama weakly tried to compromise with his Afghanistan war speech. He persuaded no one and invited military and political defeat.

Summary of the Afghanistan war speech

President Obama gave this speech to the American people beginning at 8:01 a.m. EDT last night (June 22). He will withdraw 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by year’s end, and another 23,000 troops by the end of next summer. In all, Obama will withdraw as many troops as he sent in about 18 months ago..

Health care reform bill in new peril

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

The Supreme Court said that individuals may sue when laws are unconstitutional. The health care reform bill could face 70 new challenges.

Pledge of Allegiance revisionism

The American flag. This Memorial day, remember one who fights for that flag and is now in a Mexican jail.

NBC-TV tried to revise the Pledge of Allegiance yesterday. This kind of revisionism is now all too typical.

How does the Pledge of Allegiance read?

Francis Bellamy, in 1892, wrote the first version of the Pledge of Allegiance. This Pledge has seen four revisions since then. The most recent was by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who in 1954 added the phrase “under God.”

Michele Bachmann on Nobel Prizes

Michele Bachmann official photo

Michele Bachmann has taken criticism for saying that some Nobel Prize winners doubt atheistic evolution. She has better support than some people think.

What exactly did Michele Bachmann say?

At the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans yesterday, Michele Bachmann said that she “supported” intelligent design. She did not say that all schools throughout the country should teach intelligent design, or creation science (not the same thing), or anything else by order of the federal government.

What I support is putting all science on the table and then letting students decide. I don’t think it’s a good idea for government to come down on one side of scientific issue or another, when there is reasonable doubt on both sides.

Robin Hood misidentified today

Robin Hood. A champion of envy, or of justice? Obama seems mixed up on that.

The thought of Robin Hood swinging through the trees in Sherwood Forest is a noble concept. This hero of the persecuted is an arbiter of justice. He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. But the story bears closer examination. Did Robin Hood actually “rob” from the rich to give to the poor? Or does this fictitious hero have another lesson tucked away in his quiver?

Social justice v. charity

Today a growing contingent in this nation believes it is right and somehow just for us to take from those who have plenty. After all, they can afford to part with a few extra dollars to help others. They have more than they need.

War Powers Act – Honesty v. Hypocrisy

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast

Has Obama broken the War Powers Act? The debate has seen refreshing honesty—and sickening hypocrisy—by those in Congress and out of it.

What is the War Powers Act?

The War Powers Act of 1973 says that if the President sends US forces into combat (or where combat might break out), he has sixty days to pull those forces out of that theater. Only Congress may extend that time. They may pass another law to extend the time directly. Or they may declare war, or pass another resolution authorizing the use of force. And if Congress cannot meet because American territory is under attack, the President may do as he must to fend off that attack.

Sarah Palin v. Michele Bachmann

Sarah Palin speaks in Dover, NH

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann both rank high in the GOP nomination race. That’s remarkable, given that Sarah Palin is not even running. Yet.

How is Sarah Palin doing?

Sarah Palin in Kuwait

Sarah Palin visits members of the Alaska National Guard on duty in Kuwait. Photo: A Second Hand Conjecture. CC BY 2.0 Generic License.

Sarah Palin has stayed in the Top Ten for the last week and a half. She ranked third in a Public Policy Poll released yesterday. (PPP gathered its data before the New Hampshire debate.) Anthony G. Martin (“The Welshman”) said today that Sarah Palin still cast a shadow over that debate, though she wasn’t in it. But Chris Cilizza of The Washington Post ranked her sixth. (He cited an NBC/WSJ poll giving her 24 percent favorables. But that doesn’t add up next to the PPP poll and other polls.)