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Judgment Day 2011 on Camping

The gavel: a symbol of judgment. Will same-sex marriage still fall before it?

Harold Camping said tonight that Judgment Day 2011 will take place on October 21, 2011. In fact, it took place tonight, with Camping in the dock.

In a special edition of his Open Forum radio program, Camping said that he had forgotten that a merciful God would never make everyone suffer, for five months, the extreme privation that he had said would begin on May 21 and end on October 21. He now says that October 21 will bring the last disaster and will end the human race quickly. Camping cited Gabriel Otero, his one-time colleague, as his source for this fresh interpretation of the Bible that now leads him to postpone the dire event. (He failed to mention that he had fired Otero from his network years ago.)

Noah’s Ark inspires modern rescue vessel

An artist's concept of Noah's Ark in the desert

Critics who say that no useful insights come from creation science can now eat their words. A new rescue vessel based on Noah’s Ark proves them wrong.

The Wall Street Journal reports that ISE Industry of Japan has designed something not seen in 4400 years: a lifeboat for the land. The designer took his inspiration from Noah’s Ark, and gave specific credit to God as the Best Naval Architect that ever was.

The ISE Ark

Chris Christie target of Obama dirt diggers

Chris Christie as United States Attorney

Chris Christie of New Jersey is already a target of Barack Obama’s dirt diggers—and he’s not even running. Yet.

Background on Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has said for over a year that he does not want to run for President.

Short of suicide, I don’t really know what I’d have to do to convince you people that I’m not running.

Obama AIPAC speech not helpful

Members of the Israel Defense Forces on the Golan Heights. These are the real men of ideals in the Middle Ease.

The Obama AIPAC speech did not help make Obama’s Israel policy any clearer or more comforting to friends of Israel.

Obama AIPAC Speech: contents

Yesterday (May 22, 2011), President Barack H. Obama made his second speech in three days on Middle East policy. This time he spoke to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee at their annual conference in Washington, DC. (Full text here, from the Patriot Action Network.) Obama needed to reassure his listeners that he was not abandoning Israel, after his May 19 State Department speech. To AIPAC he said two things: