Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

Immigration reform is Obama’s Trojan horse

Flag of Mexico. Symbol of the Obama alien invasion?

Immigration reform is the Trojan horse that Obama plans to use to win a second term. His behavior makes no sense otherwise.

Gold might become dollar standard

Gregory Potemkin

Gold might once again become the standard of value for the US dollar. Only that can stop the dollar from becoming worthless.

Justice or ideology?

Benjamin Franklin, who wncouraged men to unite for freedom.

The Healthcare Bill is now before three Appellate Court judges in Virginia. They will decide whether to shackle the United States with this crippling legislation. These judges, all three of whom got their appointments from two liberal presidents, must find whether the Healthcare Bill is constitutional. Their decision would affect the lives of all American citizens, if the case were not sure to go before the United States Supreme Court. Then the fate of our country regarding healthcare will depend on nine men and women whose judgment will become the Rule of Law. Any change in the political line-up of the higher court will also change the chance of a fair decision.

An Israeli speaks out

How should Israel feel about trusting Putin's Bitch?

To be an Israeli, you must face the fear that, any day, someone you know, or someone who knew someone you know, will die. Nine years ago, a man named Yair Lapid wrote, in French, an essay describing what this means. He published it on the French Jewish site Terre Promise (“The Promised Land”). Last night, Terre Promise published it again, to mark Israel Independence Day (Yom Ha’Atzmaut).