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UBL wanted to hit US trains on 9/11/2011

7 subway trains

Osama bin Laden wanted to derail trains in New York, Washington, and Chicago on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, intelligence sources revealed this evening.

Reports from Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, CNN, The Daily Telegraph (London), and The New York Daily News revealed that US intelligence services discovered the plot after examining computer disks and other information-storage media that US Navy SEALs had seized in their May 1 raid on Bin Laden’s compound near Abbottabad, Pakistan. The SEALs killed Bin Laden, three other men, and one woman in that raid.

A 9/11 relative speaks about UBL’s death

World Trade Center Memorial

As President Barack H. Obama traveled to “Ground Zero” in Lower Manhattan to speak about the killing of Usama bin Laden, an actual 9/11 family member wanted no part of his “victory roll.”

Rosa Leonetti, a leader in the New Jersey chapter of Smart Girl Politics, spoke to your editor at 11:30 a.m. today. She began the interview by stating flatly that she was traveling to Ground Zero, but not to be part of any speechmaking by the President. “I want no part of the victory roll,” she said. Later on, she added:

Making a simple announcement that Usama bin Laden is dead, that was appropriate. But his trip to Ground Zero is not.

Arab reaction to UBL death mixed

Al Aqsa Mosque

Arab reaction to Bin Laden’s death is mixed, and varies between giddy pleasure and cold rage.

The Middle East Media Research Institute quotes Tariq Alhomayed, editor-in-chief of Al Sharq Al-Awsat (London) as saying that the world is now a better place with Bin Laden no longer in it.

[This] “holy warrior” hid in his million-dollar palace…our youth are in prisons…not to mention the many who are dead…[and] the financial losses…and the harm to the reputation of our religion.